Glam’Chic Necklaces


Long necklace, composed of a delicate chain in 925 thousandth silver, interposed over the entire length of pearls set with zirconia. Two very pretty pendants in 925 silver in the shape of a drop entirely inlaid with zirconium oxide, at the bottom, on each side of the necklace completes this lovely composition.
This necklace is in one piece (1 pan). You can wear it in various ways: as a tie, wrapped once or twice around your neck and finish with a knot.
The Glamor touch which gives its name to this jewel is part of the dual use of this creation. Indeed, you can wear it in front or in the back, depending on the outfits you wear.

This long necklace is approximately 46.5 cm long.

This model is a unique piece. But it is available in 925 sterling silver 18K gold plated.

Delivered in its velvet pouch.

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