Sabine BOUCHARD, the designer, is from the South (West) of France, endowed with a never-satiated soul, full of History, with a predilection for the Romantic, Baroque and Antiques periods; with a small bohemian side … always imbued with refinement and elegance.
But it is in the South-East, at the gates of the Principality of Monaco, that she makes these classes, discovers the Glamor and Refined world of the Riviera and decides in December 2016 to create her brand of high-end fantasy jewels. : La Lune et Moi. A globally protected brand of which each jewel is itself deposited.
Her love for stones and freshwater pearls, often inlaid with famous crystals associated with noble materials, naturally lead the creator of La lune et Moi to present her unique creations, made to measure, or in small series, made with natural stones, precious and / or semi-precious, freshwater pearls (and recently the arrival of jewelry worked with mink) in very beautiful shops of the Côte d’Azur, where the quality of its work of craftsman and his after-sales service, his know-how, fast and efficient gives him an unequivocal confidence with these customers and partners most faithful who shared the adventure.
It is therefore natural that today the online store takes place and that history continues. La Lune et Moi offers a real invitation to travel, to discover a selection of necklaces, necklaces, earrings and bracelets Men and Women …, with multicultural influences but always refined and endowed with elegance.


Welcome to the world of Baroque and Refined, but especially Unique of La Lune & Moi.

The moon and the mink: 

The latest addition to the collections of La Lune et Moi, the Vison Collection is the culmination of its unique, high-end, tailor-made concept. 

The desire of the designer, to think outside the box, to invalidate the clichés or aprioris on the Vison to find the path of the creation with the most beautiful materials, associated with the semi-precious and precious stones.

It is a risky bet but with the ultimate goal of offering all women the essential … to possess more than a subtle and discreet accessory, a unique and precious jewel which unites Glamor, Elegance and Excellence. 

Just as you choose to offer one of the models on the site, you can also contact the designer and participate in the selection of stones and a selection of Vison pompons available in the range, chosen for their qualities, their touch, their lightness, their density, their modernity and their elegance, in order to design your unique and tailor-made jewel. A jewel that the designer will be pleased to realize because it will be born of the assisted imagination of her clients. 


The moon and the hematite:

The favorite fine stone of the designer! The HEMATITE, the shield of protection par excellence. It acts as a defensive barrier against all toxic elements. 

But not only this stone brings energy power, it strengthens you and generates a sense of security. She gives courage and strength. It facilitates endurance and vitality. It stimulates concentration and memory. So many benefits that explain why you will find this stone in many creations La Lune et Moi. Especially in the collection “Chics”.



The moon and the Bohemian crystal :

The designer does not use any rhinestones. Never ! All the jewels ” La Lune et Moi ” are made with real crystals. They come from Czechoslovakia. These crystals are very famous. As famous as those created by the Swarovski house, since they have the same origin. They simply do not bear the name of this brand. Only Swarovski-branded crystals really are. Unfortunately this term “Swarovski” is misused by some merchants (who thus appropriate the reputation of this trademark at a lower cost and violate all the laws relating to counterfeiting) because often jewelry made with simple rhinestones!

Bohemian pearls (crystal) are the favored medium of the Czech glass masters. Their composition allows to integrate a multitude of colors and reflections. They capture the light and make us shine, tinged with the color they contain, whatever the color. A real treat for the eyes that gives the compositions of La Lune et Moi all their refinement.

In its collection Les Elégantes, the range of “Chic” necklaces, mostly composed of bohemian crystals and associated with Hematite which gives it an indisputable refined elegance, is the perfect example (each central or pendant pearl is entirely encrusted with “Crushed hematite). So, no rhinestones! It is a 100% natural stone creation!



The moon and baroque pearls :

These pearls of fresh water (baroque), totally irregular, uncontrollable in their form, because no human action comes to thwart the natural process of creation of this sublime matter, are the “sinner cute” of the designer. All these shapes, these colors … What possibility! It is said that these are “pearls of serenity” … rightly, because not only is its wearer soothed but their timelessness gives them an unmistakable elegance 

These pearls are also the symbol of Purity, Faith, Charity and Innocence. It improves personal integrity. A little humility has never hurt anyone …



The Moon and its Warriors :

The story of the warriors of the Moon is due to the origins of the creator. The southwest, the Cathar lands … these Warriors.

With her soul as a traveler, her love for history, cultures and civilizations, the designer has often oriented her destinations towards lands of conquest: Asia (Central, Minor), the East, the Celtic countries etc. as many countries have sheltered, beyond ages, many powerful conquerors, great fighters. She also owes this admiration of the “Warrior” to the beautiful personal and professional meetings of “Great Men” with whom she has nourished strength, determination and knowledge, which today, makes her, before the whole Woman, but also the passionate creator she has become.